Table of Contents



The Relational Costs of Free Legal Services
by Atinuke O. Adediran

Consent, Coercion, and Employment Law
by Samuel R. Bagenstos

Stop-and-Strip Violence: The Doctrinal Migrations of Reasonable Suspicion
by Devon W. Carbado

Suspicionless Witness Stops: The New Racial Profiling
by Michael Gentithes

The Law and Political Economy of Workplace Technological Change
by Brishen Rogers


Symposium: Whom the State Kills

Whom the State Kills
by Scott Phillips & Justin Marceau

Response: Expanding the Record: Whom the State Kills, A Comment
by Barbara O’Brien and Catherine M. Grosso

Response: Race-of-Victim Disparities and the “Level Up” Problem
by Aya Gruber

Response: Race as a Semi-Measurable Component of Social Status
by Michael L. Radelet



The Anti-Commandeering Doctrine in Civil Rights Litigation
by Charlotte Butash

The More Things Change: Hundley v. Gorewitz and “Change of Neighborhood” in the NAACP’s Restrictive Covenant Cases
by Alisha Jarwala