Human Rights

  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius apologized today for the intentional infection of hundreds of people in Guatamala with gonorrhea and syphilis by U.S. Public Health Service researchers more than sixty years ago.

Criminal Law

  • Two officers have been charged with perjury with regard to the killing of a man outside of New Orleans’ convention center in the Hurricane Katrina aftermath.
  • The Rights Woking Group has released a report that documents the pervasive quality of racial profiling in America.

Women’s Rights

  • The GAO has found female managers to not only be underrepresented in management, but to make only 81 cents for every dollar earner by male managers.

Health Care

LGBT Rights

  • Two students face charges of privacy invasion in the tragic case of the Rutgers University student who committed suicide this week after those students allegedly broadcast his sexual encounter with another man to the Internet. Prosecutors are exploring possible charges under New Jersey’s hate-crimes law.  The New York Times provides a list of tools that can prevent homophobic bullying.
  • U.S District Judge Vaughn Walker, author of the opinion striking down Prop 8 in California, will retire in February. In somewhat related news, President Obama is pushing the Senate to speed up the pace of judicial confirmations.

Free Speech


Campaign finance


  • With an Open Internet bill failing in Congress, pressure continues to mount on FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski to move on broadband reclassification and neutrality rules before the end of the year.  Art Brodsky of Public Knowledge has a great article on the topic over at Huffington Post.
  • The Progress & Freedom Foundation, the Washington-based libertarian technology policy think tank, closed this week.