Welcome to the Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Syllabus Project, inspired by Fivebooks.com.

We asked professors and practitioners in civil rights, civil liberties, and connected areas the following question:

“If you could recommend the 3-5 most important resources to get started in your area of expertise, what would you recommend and why?”

We want to serve as a stepping stone for anyone interested in gaining a deeper contextual understanding of today’s civil rights and civil liberties issues. We intend to build a comprehensive resource to readers.

A couple notes about each contribution:

  • Our target audience includes both lawyers and nonlawyers, so the syllabus will include both introductory resources as well as detailed, narrowly-focused scholarship.
  • We know law does not exist in a vacuum, so we encouraged cross-disciplinary resources from sociology, history, political theory, or economics.

We hope you enjoy.

If you have any suggestions for professors, practitioners, or topics, leave us a comment.

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