As usual when right-wing politicians want to block a strongly Democratic voting bloc from exercising their right to vote, Republicans in New Hampshire and elsewhere are trotting out the tired excuse of preventing fraud to support new bills that will curtail the ability of students, African-Americans, and other core Democratic groups from voting.  Just as the Republicans in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and elsewhere are using the excuse of balancing budgets to attack the power of unions that support their Democratic opponents, these Republicans are using the same tactics that anti-(small-d) democratic forces around the world use to ensure their continuation in power.  Get in power, and then make sure that only your supporters show up to vote the next time around.  Unions are key groups in organizing and speaking on behalf of Democratic politicians, and the votes of young people and African-Americans were critical to Democratic success in 2008.  The Daily Show has done it’s usual job of actually forcing conservatives to hear themselves talk out of both sides of their mouths on this issue, taking a brave stand for the rights of Wall Street bankers while bemoaning the avarice of public-sector union workers.  Progressives need to recognize the values at the core of these movements, and force conservatives to publicly justify these anti-democratic positions on grounds that actually have a basis in reality.