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Taking Liberties is a podcast from the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review that explores the most pressing civil rights and civil liberties issues of the day. The podcast features panel discussions on current events related to civil rights and civil liberties, interviews with scholars and practitioners who fight for them, and tributes to those who have contributed to the advancement of civil rights throughout history.

Taking Liberties Episode 1

The panel discusses the sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, Florida's Amendment 4 ballot initiative to restore the right to vote to Florida felons, and a National Fair Housing Alliance complaint that's been filed against Facebook. Our guest is...

CR-CL Podcast – Episode 9 – Jail Strip Searches, Online Privacy, and the Right to Be Forgotten

Noah and Matt are joined in the studio this week by HarvardCRCL.org Technology and Privacy blogger Andrew Mamo. Matt fills us in on the recent Supreme Court decision in Florence v. Board of Freeholders and the potential impact of a blanket rule allowing strip searches for jail intake even for minor offenses. Andrew discusses the recent concern over Google’s unified privacy policy, the Consumer Online Privacy Bill of Rights, and efforts in Europe to establish a right to be forgotten.


Today on the Amicus blog: @sarahbelle6 discusses how pretrial detention has become even more deadly during the pandemic: https://harvardcrcl.org/pretrial-detention-has-become-exponentially-more-deadly-in-the-pandemic/

Read about the Equity and Inclusion Enforcement Act in Katharine Bohrs '21 Amicus Blog post! https://harvardcrcl.org/legislation-giving-teeth-to-title-vi-left-stalling-under-the-trump-administration-reintroduced-by-democrats/

This Week in Civil Rights and Civil Liberties: The Supreme Court will hear arguments on Arizona’s “ballot harvesting” law, a federal judge in Texas rules the pandemic moratorium on evictions is unconstitutional, and more. https://harvardcrcl.org/this-week-in-civil-rights-and-civil-liberties-12/

Our founders envisioned a journal dedicated to promoting revolutionary law, meant to focus on using progressive law actively in order to make a better world for all. We're celebrating 55 years as one of the nation’s leading progressive law journals!


Today on CR-CL's Amicus blog: Can a Reconstruction-Era Law Targeting the KKK Bring Accountability for Donald Trump? https://harvardcrcl.org/can-a-reconstruction-era-law-targeting-the-kkk-bring-accountability-for-donald-trump/

Today on CR-CL's Amicus Blog, @ava_cilia interrogates the racial disparities in the family regulation system: https://harvardcrcl.org/the-family-regulation-system-why-those-committed-to-racial-justice-must-interrogate-it/

What's going on this week in civil rights? Check out our Amicus blog to find out! https://harvardcrcl.org/this-week-in-civil-rights-and-civil-liberties-10/

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