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Taking Liberties is a podcast from the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review that explores the most pressing civil rights and civil liberties issues of the day. The podcast features panel discussions on current events related to civil rights and civil liberties, interviews with scholars and practitioners who fight for them, and tributes to those who have contributed to the advancement of civil rights throughout history.

Taking Liberties Episode 6

Our guests are Rachel Sandalow-Ash and Niharika Singh who discuss their work as members of the organizing committee of the Harvard Graduate Students Union - United Auto Workers.  We discuss history of the union, the committee's effort to secure a contract, and the...

Taking Liberties Episode 5

The panel discusses current issues related to immigrants’ rights including a law suit challenging the practice of using video conferences in removal proceedings, and law suits that challenge President Trump’s emergency declaration. Our guests are Professor Phil Torrey...

Taking Liberties Episode 4

The panel reviews some progressive victories coming out of ballot initiatives in the 2018 midterm elections and has a discussion on competing perspectives on victim's rights bills.  Our guest for this episode is Robert Anderson, Director of the Native American Law...

Taking Liberties Episode 3

The panel discusses a RFRA claim against immigration policy, a cake-baking case from the UK Supreme Court, and the consequences of Shelby County v. Holder. Our guest is Judge Nancy Gertner who discusses her career as a civil rights attorney and how that shaped her...

Taking Liberties Episode 2

The panel discusses voter rights issues in Georgia, North Dakota, Arizona, and Michigan. Our guest for this episode is Professor Jed Purdy of Duke Law School, who discusses how the Supreme Court's First Amendment jurisprudence has undergone a shift from being a tool...

Taking Liberties Episode 1

The panel discusses the sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, Florida's Amendment 4 ballot initiative to restore the right to vote to Florida felons, and a National Fair Housing Alliance complaint that's been filed against Facebook. Our guest is...


The Supreme Court just granted cert in two cases about whether Title VII of the Civil Rights Act protects LGBTQ workers — and there's every reason to believe this SCOTUS will leave LGBTQ people in the cold.

SCOTUS’s conclusion in Masterpiece v. Colorado that Colorado exhibited hostility toward a baker’s religious beliefs doesn’t hold up under closer inspection, as argued in this new post @HarvardCRCL https://t.co/dDO1je5abK

With the 1st Annual Critical Race theory Conference, we are reclaiming the student activist tradition of creating physical, political, emotional, social, and academic spaces of liberation. @HarvardBLSA @HarvardCRCL @harvardblj https://t.co/mlzRDaik7d

House Democrats just introduced a new bill to fight sexual harassment by outlawing forced arbitration for employees and and prohibiting non-disclosures which cover up sexual harassment. Details from @OnLaborBlog 👇🏽 https://t.co/i7mjJK9eNo

“...in a system that is so deeply rooted in injustice, we have a very long way to go until prosecutors can truly claim to belong to a profession where they do justice.”

@emilybazelon’s new book, “Charged,” is out today. Check out our review here!


Emily Bazelon's new book, "Charged" is out today. I had the opportunity to review it for @HarvardCRCL.

Bazelon’s call to action is not subtle. Its urgency jumps off the page; it will destroy any remaining belief you have that our criminal system is just.


Great piece by @NoMoreDeaths on @HarvardCRCL "We believe that attempts to criminalize the humanitarian aid work our group and others like it perform are part of a larger, systemic movement against undocumented people in the US." #AbolishICE #ChingaLaMigra #abolishicebox https://t.co/356hbb4TOe

"We reject the ever-increasing militarization of the border, and dream of a world without walls." New piece by #NoMoreDeaths media coordinator up on @HarvardCRCL https://t.co/JRRStlqehb

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