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Taking Liberties is a podcast from the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review that explores the most pressing civil rights and civil liberties issues of the day. The podcast features panel discussions on current events related to civil rights and civil liberties, interviews with scholars and practitioners who fight for them, and tributes to those who have contributed to the advancement of civil rights throughout history.

Taking Liberties Episode 7

In this episode, our hosts Mahroh Jahangiri and Elizabeth Ross speak with our guest Angel Sanchez to discuss his recent article "In Spite of Prison" as well as developments in the prison abolition movement more broadly. This episode also features an interview with...

Taking Liberties Episode 6

Our guests are Rachel Sandalow-Ash and Niharika Singh who discuss their work as members of the organizing committee of the Harvard Graduate Students Union - United Auto Workers.  We discuss history of the union, the committee's effort to secure a contract, and the...

Taking Liberties Episode 5

The panel discusses current issues related to immigrants’ rights including a law suit challenging the practice of using video conferences in removal proceedings, and law suits that challenge President Trump’s emergency declaration. Our guests are Professor Phil Torrey...

Taking Liberties Episode 4

The panel reviews some progressive victories coming out of ballot initiatives in the 2018 midterm elections and has a discussion on competing perspectives on victim's rights bills.  Our guest for this episode is Robert Anderson, Director of the Native American Law...

Taking Liberties Episode 3

The panel discusses a RFRA claim against immigration policy, a cake-baking case from the UK Supreme Court, and the consequences of Shelby County v. Holder. Our guest is Judge Nancy Gertner who discusses her career as a civil rights attorney and how that shaped her...

Taking Liberties Episode 2

The panel discusses voter rights issues in Georgia, North Dakota, Arizona, and Michigan. Our guest for this episode is Professor Jed Purdy of Duke Law School, who discusses how the Supreme Court's First Amendment jurisprudence has undergone a shift from being a tool...

Taking Liberties Episode 1

The panel discusses the sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, Florida's Amendment 4 ballot initiative to restore the right to vote to Florida felons, and a National Fair Housing Alliance complaint that's been filed against Facebook. Our guest is...


New @HarvardCRCL post about Trump adding an immigration question to #2020Census. Trump's legal arguments and rationales are invalid. This is an effort to suppress the self-determination of black&brown communities & keep his white majority. @votolatino

This episode of Taking Liberties, hosts Mahroh Jahangiri and Elizabeth Ross interview Angel Sanchez about his article on prison abolition. Also featuring Rund Khayyat and Melanie Fontes in conversation with Dr. Cynthia Boyer https://t.co/CYzsE5S8cC

Dope article by @DemisseSelassie on @HarvardCRCL "
@NipseyHussle was, as many now have understood, 'buying back his hood' – prudently redistributing wealth through job creation before speculative and irresponsibly profit-driven outsiders could arrive. #NipseyHussle https://t.co/cU0pok6xsF

The issues that most affect our brown communities deserve to be acknowledged on all platforms. Thanks for using yours @DemisseSelassie to share the reality of gentrification and the power of reinvesting in our brown communities. Check out the full piece on @HarvardCRCL ✨✨✨ https://t.co/pJJlwqiyCy

Check out my piece in @HarvardCRCL! Thanks for giving me a platform to highlight the life of @NipseyHussle and the importance of equitable community development. Hope you all enjoy! #NipseyHussle #Nipsey https://t.co/18bJBTh9lv

Agreed. Also reminds me of when @HarvardCRCL published this piece by Thomas C. O'Bryant on his experiences litigating pro se while incarcerated: https://t.co/4tUGWS8Kdx https://t.co/PhudU2czf2

So proud of my former student Nate Reisinger, whom I had the privilege of teaching during his 1L year at Carolina, for having his Note published in @HarvardCRCL. Congress enacted many of Nate’s specific recommendations weeks after the issue went to print. https://t.co/1E7Xte3CrA

Check out my new post in the @HarvardCRCL Amicus blog about why we should allow anonymous witness testimony in police brutality cases.
You can read it here:

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