Lawmakers’ Debate on Gun Control Measures

After another mass shooting last week, President Obama expressed frustration with the current gun control narrative, stating “our thoughts and prayers are not enough.” Some reformers are seeking solutions in existing legislation and public health policies. Others seek more drastic measures in hopes of creating a “gun-free society,” despite almost no support from conservative gun owners.

Reforming the Criminal Justice System

The Department of Justice announced $53 million in grant funding to organizations that work to reduce recidivism. This coincides with a Senate proposal to reduce mandatory minimums, lessen the use of solitary confinement, increase parole opportunities, and bolster re-entry programs.

Cybersecurity Concerns

Studies show Americans enjoy the convenience of the internet, but remain worried about their privacy–a warranted concern after government data breaches this past year. A final count has been released of those affected by the cyberhacks. Victims of the attack, mostly federal government employees, contractors, applicants and their families, will be receiving free identity and credit monitoring services.

Alabama’s Voter ID Laws

Alabama voter ID laws went into effect, requiring a government-issued ID to vote. Since then, Alabama has shut down 31 satellite driver’s-license offices in majority black counties. Alabama Law Enforcement Agency officials blame budget cuts.

A Push for Prosecution in Campus Sexual Assault Cases

As freshmen settle into their first semesters in college, some call for law enforcement involvement in the resolution and prosecution of campus sexual assault incidents and for the passing of the Safe Campus Act.

The Supreme Court Docket

This term, SCOTUS will be deciding many civil rights and civil liberties-related cases concerning public unions, class actions, affirmative action in higher education, the death penalty, and possibly abortion.