Nine attackers allegedly beat and tortured three men for being gay in NYC last week, in a series of events described by the city council leader as, “among the worst hate crimes she had ever heard of.”

The beatings went on for hours, with the victims allegedly enduring forced sodomy, burns, whippings, and slashes with box cutters.

Perhaps most disturbingly, when each victim independently reported the crimes to police, they omitted any mention that would suggest that it was a hate crime based on their sexuality. “None of the three victims, in their first interviews with the police, were fully forthcoming, fearing reprisal and wanting to keep their lives a secret.”

While it’s incredibly disturbing to think that crimes like this are still taking place, it’s even more disappointing to think that victimization in one of these crimes is still considered so shameful that it would prevent a person from speaking up and seeking help.

Lured Into a Trap, Then Tortured for Being Gay – NY Times

From left, Nelson Falu, 17, Idelfonso Mendez, 23, and David Rivera, 21, at right, were among the seven suspects arrested in the abductions and attacks on three men in the Bronx on Oct. 3.