The students here know Feldman as the most sought-after professor at Harvard Law School. But he is also a famed First Amendment scholar and is out there promoting his new book. And, apparently, chatting with Al-Jazeera about Oklahoma’s sharia law ban. The state elections board has voted to ask the state Attorney General to appeal an injunction against enforcement of the new law. We recently covered this issue, which led to some heated words in the comments section.

Here‘s what Al-Jazeera reported:

Noah Feldman, a Harvard law professor specialising in US constitutional law and religious studies, told Al Jazeera that the ban in Oklahoma “almost certainly” violates the First Amendment rights of of Muslims.

He called the ban “a surprising piece of legislation that came out of the Islamophobia that has unfortunately surfaced in the US in the past few months”, and said that striking the ban down is the right course of action for the courts to take.

“Under existing law, you cannot endorse or disfavour a particular religion, and the passage of this constitutional amendment is intended to disfavour Islam,” said Feldman, who was unaware of any similar precedent.