And in the wake of Valentine’s Day, the battle for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties rages on:

“Federal Judge Struck Down Va. Gay-Marriage Ban” – Washington Post

A Valentine’s Day gift from the courts: a step towards marriage equality in Virginia. In the wake of United States v. Windsor, Utah, Oklahoma, Ohio, Kentucky and now Virginia have sided with same-sex marriage proponents.

“Florida Self-Defense Law Complicated Jury’s Job in Michael Dunn Trial” – NYT

Yet another black teen slain in Florida. Yet another jury failed to recognize the value of a black boy’s life. This weekend saw a flurry of articles on this topic; however, this particular article discusses the broader implications of Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.

Video – “Being Black at UCLA Law” – Huffington Post

As part of an awareness campaign, black students at UCLA Law School highlight the lack of diversity on campus and its effects. The viral video is being referred to as “33,” the number of black students in a total student body of over 1,000. (Ironically (or perhaps, not so ironically), UCLA Law is also home to Richard Sanders, a staunch critic of affirmative action. Sanders will be at Harvard Law School next Thursday, February 27 to debate affirmative action as a part of an “Intelligence Squared” debate series.)

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