Illinois resident Laine Tadlock, former director of Benedictine University’s education program, either resigned or was forced to resign (depending on whose story you believe) because of her same-sex marriage wedding announcement in the State Journal-Register.  Tadlock married her partner in Iowa after that state’s Supreme Court ruling allowing gay marriage.

The university defended itself with the following statement: “The university, for valid and lawful reasons, decided that it would not be consistent with the university’s mission as a Catholic institution of higher learning for Tadlock to continue in the office of program director of its education program.”

The university apparently tried first to reassign Tadlock to a different department.  When she refused, the university took her refusal as a resignation.  Here’s what one of the school’s bishops had to say:

“The essential reason for the very existence of Catholic institutions of higher learning is to teach the truth.  One of these truths is that God intended marriage to be a life-giving and loving commitment between a man and a woman until parted by death.

“Benedictine University is to be commended for its fidelity to the truth in upholding the faith and morals as taught by the Catholic Church.”

Laine Tadlock and her parter, Kae Helstrom

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