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What is Voter Intimidation?

Happy Election Day from the Amicus team! Today, Americans are coming together to have their voices heard and be counted in our democracy. With so much concern regarding voter intimidation and misinformation, we want to review what your rights are as a voter, so you can spot potentially illegal activity and feel confident reporting it. Election Day should be a time to celebrate the exercise of our civil rights—not a time for fear.

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The Zoom-to-Prison Pipeline

As students expose their bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens to their classes, teachers have an unprecedented view into a student’s family life. Many districts have doubled-down on the punishment and surveillance tactics that have characterized American education the last 30 years and have used the virtual window into students’ homes to justify punishments that make an already difficult time nearly impossible for students.

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This Week in Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

This week, as the election approaches there are significant concerns about voter intimidation and misinformation campaigns, the city of Eugene, Oregon settled a civil rights case brought by a journalist injured by police while covering protests, census experts pushed...

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This Week in Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

This week, the Supreme Court ruled on the census, thousands gather to protest Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination, states throughout the country see significant decisions regarding voter participation, and President Trump attempts to use recent ICE arrests to fuel his campaign.

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The Federal Government’s Execution Spree Must End

On July 25, 2019, US Attorney General William Barr announced that the US government would resume executions after a nearly two-decade hiatus. The first killing of the new regime occurred nearly a year later with the execution of Daniel Lewis Lee on July 14, 2020. In...

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A Colorblind Test For a Racialized System

A “reasonable juvenile” standard employs a colorblind test to regulate a deeply racialized system. That is a recipe for perpetuating inequality and undermining constitutional law’s ability to protect the most marginalized.

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This Week in Civil Rights and Civil Liberties: The Supreme Court will hear arguments on Arizona’s “ballot harvesting” law, a federal judge in Texas rules the pandemic moratorium on evictions is unconstitutional, and more.

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