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How Progressive Prosecutors Came Up Short (And Why They Still Deserve Appreciation)

Progressive prosecutors have a math problem. Ending mass incarceration would involve a five- to ten-fold reduction in incarceration. However, their policies exclude more than half of the people who sent to prisons and jails. Nonetheless, this generation of progressive prosecutors deserves appreciation. Their electoral success invites a second wave of reform prosecutors to challenge the conventional wisdom that popular support for criminal justice reform will not extend to people convicted of serious and violent crimes.

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Liberty University Trespassing Charges are a Threat to the Free Press

Last week, Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. announced that arrest warrants had been issued for two journalists for allegedly trespassing on the university’s campus in the course of their reporting on the university’s COVID-19 policies. Aside from functioning as an attack on the press, the trespassing allegations raise important questions about journalists’ right to engage in newsgathering activities on private university campuses.

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Unhoused People’s Right To Public Bathrooms

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought renewed attention to unhoused people’s lack of access to sanitary living conditions. The extreme dearth of shelter beds and public restrooms across the country means that unhoused people, despite being particularly vulnerable to the effects of the outbreak, have little means by which to protect themselves.

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Springer Spaniels, Civil Liberties, and the Fourth Amendment

In 2018, the TSA implemented a “cute dog” policy: it would employ only cute looking dogs at airports. This seemingly innocuous policy offers a vivid example of how government can shape and collapse our right to privacy. Now is a crucial moment for the development of privacy law. It is worth understanding and thinking carefully about the tradeoffs between convenience and privacy that we are willing to accept.

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We're now accepting student writing submissions for Vol. 56.2 from HLS students on any topic related to civil rights or civil liberties! Get your submission in to by Sun., 10/11/20. For more information, visit

The lives of Black victims do not matter nearly as much as those of white ones when it comes to the death penalty, a new study finds.

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