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The Syllabus Project

Welcome to the Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Syllabus Project, inspired by Fivebooks.com.

We asked professors and practitioners in civil rights, civil liberties, and connected areas the following question:

“If you could recommend the 3-5 most important resources to get started in your area of expertise, what would you recommend and why?”

We want to serve as a stepping stone for anyone interested in gaining a deeper contextual understanding of today’s civil rights and civil liberties issues. We intend to build a comprehensive resource to readers.

A couple notes about each contribution:

  • Our target audience includes both lawyers and nonlawyers, so the syllabus will include both introductory resources as well as detailed, narrowly-focused scholarship.
  • We know law does not exist in a vacuum, so we encouraged cross-disciplinary resources from sociology, history, political theory, or economics.

We hope you enjoy.

If you have any suggestions for professors, practitioners, or topics, leave us a comment.

Professor Carol Steiker recommended books on capital punishment. She is the Henry J. Friendly Professor of Law at Harvard Law School,

Professor Klarman joined the Harvard Law School faculty in 2008. He is the Kirkland & Ellis Professor, and focuses on

Martha Minow has been the dean of Harvard Law School since 2013. Prior to that she taught at Harvard. Since

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