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  • Wal-Mart’s Heavy Hand

    Do we have a qualifying patient? Check. Subject to a disciplinary action? Check. By a business? Check. For medical use of marijuana? Check. Open and shut: Mr. Casias was wrongfully dismissed and must be compensated. Except the Sixth Circuit didn’t see it that way.

  • Fired for Working During a Break?

    By Minal Caron, Labor and Employment October 28, 2011 at 10:28 am 0 comments

    A former Target employee has brought a claim against Target in federal court based upon the Fair Labor Standards Act. The plaintiff’s complaint states that he had complained to Target’s Human Resources Department about having to work during what were supposed to be 30-minute unpaid meal breaks, that Target responded by saying they could not pay him for this work because they “couldn’t pay overtime,” and that Target ultimately terminated him in retaliation for raising these concerns. This complaint may add controversy to Target’s very public fight to prevent unionization that has developed over the past year.

  • Bitter Sweets for Sale

    In opposition to a bill in the California State Senate allowing public universities and colleges to consider race, gender, ethnicity and national origin in admissions, the College Republicans of UC Berkeley held a bake sale yesterday.  Charging sweet-toothed patrons different prices based on their race and gender – whites paying […]

  • Supreme Court Upholds Arizona Law Punishing Businesses that Hire Undocumented Immigrants

    Courts, Issue Areas, Race and Immigration May 26, 2011 at 12:39 pm 1 comment

    The Supreme Court has upheld an Arizona law that punishes businesses for hiring undocumented immigrants.  The 2007 law, called the Arizona Legal Workers Act, allows the state to suspend the licenses of businesses that “intentionally or knowingly” violate requirements to verify the legal eligibility of their workers.  The Act requires […]