Submission for Volume 52.1 is now closed. Submission for Volume 52.2 will open in September.



If you have a finished piece or a paper in the works on any topic within the wide world of civil rights and liberties, we want to hear from you.

Our general board is looking to publish well-written pieces that broadly advance the cause of civil rights and liberties and add something new to the scholarly debate.

Submissions can be drafts or polished pieces. However, the more “final” your submission, the more our board has to evaluate and the less “risky” your work appears. Pieces can be in the traditional law review style, case comments, book reviews, or something entirely different.

Submissions should be approximately 15,000 words at the most and should list any faculty advisors who have helped or are familiar with the piece, a tentative bibliography, and a preemption check (in which you explain how your work differs from and/or builds on prior scholarship). The best submissions also anticipate questions our general board might have about your thesis and the importance of your piece – remember: you will not be at the meeting in which your piece is voted on, so your submission must speak for you.


Last updated March 13, 2016