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A Coherent Middle Ground in the Apple-FBI All Writs Act Dispute? LawFare tackles the Apple-FBI controversy and tries to spell out “a moderate position on the scope of the All Writs

Presiding Judges: The Honorable Arthur J. Gajarsa, United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit The Honorable Margaret J. Marshall, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court The Honorable Roy W. McLeese, District of Columbia

Ames First Semi-Final Round Results: Best Brief: The Honorable Justice Albert L. Sachs Team Best Overall Team: The Lucy Stone Memorial Team Best Oralist: Caroline Trusty from The Lucy Stone Memorial Team Presiding Judges: The Honorable David Barron,

A procedural issue may allow the Supreme Court to avoid confronting an egregious instance of racism in a death penalty case. Last November, the Court heard oral arguments in Foster v.

Earlier this month, the Maryland General Assembly expanded voting rights to around 44,000 people with felony convictions, overriding six vetoes by Republican Governor Larry Hogan. The vote means that Maryland

With the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia, many people have commented on his legacy. People have said he was a brilliant jurist, others remembered how he influenced the Supreme Court

The ongoing debate surrounding digital privacy and national security is set to erupt into a high-profile legal battle between Apple and the federal government. In an order issued on February

Legal formalism is a consistent theme in Justice Scalia’s voluminous opinions. Yet one should not automatically associate formalism with either originalism or conservatism. Justice Scalia’s formalist interpretation of the Constitution