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Millennial migration to cities over the last decade has transformed urban landscapes around the U.S.,[i] bringing new businesses and capital for some and displacement and marginalization for others.[ii] Falling along

In March, the Supreme Court will hear Whole Woman’s Health v. Cole, which is likely to be the most important abortion case decided by the court in nearly 25 years.

How the GOP created the candidate(s) who could destroy the party by Adam Mills   I. Our Wallace Many commentators have picked up on the striking similarities between Donald Trump and George Wallace. “Both candidates prospered

Last spring, I argued that, “the economic and social arguments for Medicaid expansion are overwhelmingly positive.” A recent report from the Kaiser Health Foundation confirms this argument, and adds additional

As a former refugee, the response to the Syrian refugee crisis from government officials has been disheartening. With more than 4 million refugees, the U.S.’ commitment to admit merely 10,000

Over 150,000 non-violent ex-felons now have the right to vote in Kentucky, thanks to an executive order signed by Governor Steve Beshear on Tuesday. The Democratic Governor’s term ends in

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