Summer 2013

Dear Harvard CR-CL Alumni,

Greetings once again. Before the school year kicks off, and as we prepare to welcome a new generation of CR-CLers, we’d like to update you on some exciting developments.


We are thrilled to announce that this coming school year will mark the 50th Volume of CR-CL and the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act. To celebrate the achievements of the civil rights movement and critically reflect on the role of the legal academy in past and future struggles, CR-CL will be hosting a large-scale on campus event this coming spring (date TBD).

Specifically, we’ve chosen the following theme for our event:

“Fifty Years of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties: A Celebration and Critique”
Efforts to preserve and expand civil liberties are often in tension with other progressive goals. If we seek to tear down unjust institutions, what must we build? How can we balance the need to fix substantive inequalities with the difficult task of securing formal legal equality? How can we focus on the individual without trivializing the group? How can we fight from within the system we hope to change without lending that system legitimacy and strength?

While our planning committee begins its work, we encourage you to reach out to us with ideas. A major focus of the event will be bringing CR-CL alumni back to campus to share and discuss insights from their careers. We’re particularly interested in alumni who might be willing to play a coordinating role by serving as alumni liaisons. To volunteer as a liaison or submit an idea, feel free to contact our community coordinator, Becky Chang, at:

We’ll be in touch again when our planning committee chooses a date and fixes topics for panel discussions.

Print Journal

The following outside articles have been selected for publication in Volume 49.1:

  • Local Government, One Person/One Vote, and the Jewish Question, by Kenneth Stahl
  • Workers Disarmed: The Campaign Against Mass Picketing and the Dilemma of Liberal Labor Rights, by Ahmed White

Our members selected the future of disparate impact as the theme for this issue’s solicited content. We expect the following articles to be published:

  • The Agency Roots of Disparate Impact, Olatunde Johnson
  • Disparate Impact under the Fair Housing Act: A Practitioner’s View of the New HUD Rule, by Jamie Crook, Stephen Hayes, John Relman, and Michael Allen
  • Banning the Box But Keeping the Discrimination?:
    Disparate Impact and Employers’ Over-Reliance on Criminal Background Checks, b
    y Johnathan Smith

In addition, we expect two student notes to be published in this issue:

  • Boumediene at the Border? The Constitution and Foreign Nationals on the U.S.-Mexico Border, by Eva Bitran
  • Too Cruel for School: LGBT Bullying, Noncognitive Skill Development, and the Educational Rights of Students, by Jason Lee

*       *       *       *
Best wishes for the rest of the summer!

Lindsey Kaley, Robin Lipp, and Hallie Jay Pope

Editors-In-Chief, Vol. 49
Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review

We are now accepting submissions for Volume 52.1! Interested in submitting?