National Guard prepped to maintain labor discipline in Wisconsin

Recently elected governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, acknowledged preparing the Wisconsin National Guard to respond to the possibility of disorder among state employees. The announcement came one day after Wisconsin Democrats accused the Republican governor of “declaring war” on public employees’ unions by attempting to sharply limit their collective bargaining rights.

Gov. Walker has called for a set of austerity measures ostensibly designed to shore up the state’s finances by cutting public workers’ benefits, by capping annual pay increases, and by eliminating their legal right to bargain over anything except wages. Walker’s plan has been submitted to the state legislature, which may act on it this coming week.

According to the AFL-CIO, the National Guard hasn’t been deployed in a public employee labor dispute since the 1968 sanitation workers strike in Memphis and hasn’t been used against labor in Wisconsin since 1934.

The drama in Wisconsin is merely one front of a national campaign against public sector unionism being waged in state houses across the nation, including ongoing political battles in Ohio and New York.

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  • People get what they vote for. Hopefully, this will open up peoples eyes and they will realize what the Republicans really stand for.

  • Welcome to the New Gilded Age on Steroids. With wealth disparity worse than Egypt, and the wealthy Oligarchs like the Koch Brothers unfettered corrosive financial influence corrupting our government, and Barack Obama doing nothing but pandering to failed Republican ideology that destroyed the middle class in the first place, the American People better get ready for the long fight to regain what they have lost- namely – the American Dream. FDR is SPINNING in his grave.

  • Bravo Gov. Walker for having some balls…

    • It does not take balls to do what this Governor is attempting to do. He is a weak, extreme figure of a dictator. Charging up a beach in Normandy in WWll took balls. He is a damn coward!

  • This Governor is out of control. This is something that is right out of 1930. This is what republicans have up their sleeves. They don’t care about creating jobs just destroying the middle class and unions. Well, if they want a fight, we should give them one. This jerk should sit down and negotiate instead of starting a class war. Fight back and don’t give up! Recall these Republican idiots and send them back to hell!

    • Sounds like the labor unions are out of control.