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Joining the General Board of CR-CL

Joining the General Board

The General Board is the backbone of the journal, making critical contributions to the journal’s core functions.  General Board members participate in our vibrant article selection process, brainstorm ideas for solicited content, learn valuable skills as editors, and comprise the progressive intellectual community that defines CR-CL.

The responsibilities of General Board members include:

  • Reading articles and proposals,
  • Attending roundtable discussions and General Board meetings, and
  • Participating in subciting (as 1Ls) and in source pulling, line editing, or technical editing (as 2Ls and 3Ls).

Additional opportunities for General Board members include:

  • Submitting student writing for publication in our print journal,
  • Writing for CR-CL’s online blog, and
  • Drafting proposals for solicited content.

The application deadline is January 11th, 2016 by 11:59 pm.

Please feel free to contact us at EICs.CRCL.Vol.52@gmail.com with any questions about the applications or membership requirements.

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