CR-CL Podcast – Episode 5 – The Occupy Movement

CR-CL Podcast LogoCR-CL’s Executive Editors for Online Content Noah Kaplan and Matt Giffin are joined by Ariel Oshinky and Stephen Squibb, members of the Occupy Boston Communications Committee.  The show begins with our weekly news round-up, This Week in Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.

Ariel and Stephen discuss the motivating ideology of the Occupy Movement, the relationship between Occupy Boston, the city, the police, and the courts, and the future of Occupy as a movement.  Will Occupy suffer the fate of the Tea Party and be coopted by mainstream politics?  What has Occupy already accomplished?  What can it accomplish in the upcoming election; in a year; in five years?

Some articles mentioned in this week’s episode:

Stephen Squibb – Origins of the Crisis on n+1

Jeremy Kessler – The Police and the 99 Percent on n+1

LA Review of Books – Welcome to the Occupations (A response to Kessler)

Jeremy Kessler – Holding Space (A response)

Chris Hedges – The Cancer in Occupy on Truthdig

David Graeber – Concerning the Violent Peace-Police: An Open Letter to Chris Hedges

William Finnegan – The Storm in the New Yorker

What Occupy Wall Street Gets Wrong About ALEC in Bloomberg BusinessWeek

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Episode 5 – The Occupy Movement

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  • Within 12 hours of posting this video (, Iran’s Press TV contacted me for an interview ( Enjoy!

  • Oh, and here’s a list of potential talking points. We certainly have our work cut out for us.

    Here’s some ideas for a better America (please share):
    • End all wars and at least 95% of military spending
    o End Military Industrial Complex
    o Includes ending war on drugs and war on terror
    o Prohibit profit from war, war machine manufacturing
    o Make it law that we cannot spend more on military than the next two military powers combined
    o No wars without formal declaration from congress, and no wars unless we are attacked
    o Outlaw military sales to other nations
    • Regulate banks and corporations
    o Reverse Citizens United via 28th Amendment
    o End corporate control of government/financing of elections
    o Eliminate corporate personhood
    o Stop socializing risk/loss, while privatizing profit
    o Publicly funded elections
    o Donations from private citizens only, of no more than $50
    o No revolving door for politicians/corporate CEO’s
    o End corporate welfare
    o Any company that accepts a bailout may not hand out any bonuses for 50 years
    o End 475-to-1 corporate-CEO-to-worker pay ratio
    o Criminalize ALL money transactions between elected officials and corporations (end legalized bribery)
    o Corporations may not contribute to elections at all in any way
    o Pass specific and effective laws limiting the influence of lobbyists and eliminating the practice of lobbyists writing legislation that ends up on the floor of congress
    • Tax the rich/corporations
    • End the federal reserve
    • Reenact the Glass-Steagall Act
    • End fractional banking and derivative scams
    • Raise capital gains tax
    • Moratorium on foreclosures until an unbiased third-party loan modification program is put into place
    • Repeal patriot act
    • Reverse militarization of our police forces
    • End all foreign aid immediately. If individual Americans want to give their own money to help people in foreign countries, that is their business.
    • Create a “maximum” wage, which includes bonuses, gifts, and every form of remuneration
    • End private prison industry/Prison Industrial Complex
    • Tax the church – They’re big business and should be taxed
    • Make violation of civil, constitutional and human rights by government agents a civilly and criminally punishable offence
    • No for-profit private armies, limit size of security companies
    • Break up/regulate Monsanto
    • Enact universal healthcare
    • Get away from oil and nuclear energy, and into alternative energy, and lifestyles that require less input of energy. Hemp, wind, solar, ocean current, bicycling, etc.