CR-CL Podcast – Episode 1 – SuperPACs, Bradley Manning, and Tarek Mehanna


CR-CL Podcast LogoHarvard CR-CL is proud to publish the first official episode of the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Podcast!  This first full episode features CR-CL Senior Executive Editor for Online Content Noah Kaplan and Executive Editor for Online Content Matt Giffin, and welcomes former election law blogger Alex Trepp to the discussion.  We inaugurate a weekly news round-up feature, This Week in Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.  Three topics are discussed:

1) Alex educates us on the rise of the SuperPAC, the role of Citizens United, and the bounds of permissible coordination between candidates and SuperPACs.

2)Matt leads a discussion of the upcoming court martial of Bradley Manning, and what we should consider when assessing the government’s treatment of leakers.

3) Noah recaps a recent Harvard Law School event featuring the Tarek Mehanna defense team, and discusses the civil rights concerns raised in the prosecution of suspected terrorists.

The show this week runs to nearly an hour, so we are thinking that two topics a week might result in a more manageable show length.  We welcome your feedback via email or in the comments below.  Do you like the news round-up feature?  Three topics or two?  Who do you want to hear on the show?  What topics do you want to hear discussed?

Please email questions, comments, corrections, or suggestions to  Thanks for downloading, and enjoy the show!

Episode 1 – SuperPACs, Bradley Manning, and Tarek Mehanna

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The Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review (CR-CL) is the nation’s leading progressive law journal. Founded in 1966 as an instrument to advance personal freedoms and human dignities, CR-CL seeks to catalyze progressive thought and dialogue through publishing innovative legal scholarship and from various perspectives and in diverse fields of study.

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  • Always good to see a new law / technology podcast. I’m afraid that neither your direct links nor RSS enclosures are working though; 404’s. The feeds in gPodder now though so I should pick the episodes up when you fix it. Just be sure to update the publication date somehow.

    • Ryan, thank you for the heads up. I changed the folder that the podcasts were stored in after I had already downloaded them to my own player, so I didn’t see the 404s. The problem should now be solved, and it is a mistake that I will hopefully know better than to make again. Learning to be a lawyer and a website manager at the same time; mistakes are bound to happen. Thanks for listening. Please let us know what you think once you actually listen to the show.