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Volume 54 Online Contributors

Charlie Birkel, Executive Editor for Online Content
Charlie is a 2L at HLS. He is originally from Washington, DC and received his B.A. from Haverford College. During his 1L summer, Charlie interned with the ACLU of Delaware.

Zachary Glasser, Executive Editor for Online Content
Zach is a 2L at HLS. He is interested in consumer rights, public education, police reform, and criminal justice. During his 1L summer, Zach worked in the Consumer Law Section of the California Attorney General’s Office. He grew up in Southern California, and received his B.A. in History from the University of California, Berkeley.

Volume 53 Online Contributors

Lisa Jing, Executive Editor for Online Content
Lisa is a 3L at HLS. She’s from Boston, and lived in China, Indiana, Oregon, and Washington growing up. Before law school, she worked at M.I.T. and Kobre & Kim, a litigation boutique, in New York and Hong Kong. She received her A.B. in History & Literature from Harvard College.

Liz Valentin, Executive Editor for Online Content
Liz is a 3L at HLS. She is a member of the Harvard Prison Legal Assistance Project and a student attorney at the Legal Services Center in the Domestic Violence Clinic. Liz is also a board member of the Graphic Advocacy Project, a design non-profit that creates customized graphic expressions of law that engage, inform, and empower. Prior to law school, Liz worked for the Center for Science in the Public Interest in Washington, DC, and doubled majored in Philosophy and Government at Wesleyan University.

Volume 52 Online Contributors

Leena CharltonExecutive Editor for Online Content
Leena is a 3L at HLS. She is from Tennessee. She received her B.A. in sociology and human rights from Columbia University. Prior to law school, Leena worked in communications at the NYCLU.

Adam MillsExecutive Editor for Online Content
Adam is a 3L at HLS. He is interested in voting rights, the first amendment, and employment discrimination issues. Prior to law school, Adam spent a year with AmeriCorps providing anti-poverty services in Alabama.

Volume 51 Online Contributors

Logan PlaceExecutive Editor for Online Content
Logan is a 3L at HLS. He is interested in labor law and workers’ rights, as well as drug policy and its effect on mass incarceration. He was previously a legal intern at the ACLU of Connecticut. At HLS Logan has also been involved with the Consumer Protection Clinic and the Capital Punishment Clinic.

Krista WhiteExecutive Editor for Online Content
Krista is a 3L at HLS. She is from North Carolina and received a B.S. in Psychology from Duke in 2013. She is interested in law and psychology, as well as the legal issues surrounding the American health care system. In the summer of 2014, Krista interned at LegalHealth, a medical-legal partnership in New York. At HLS, Krista is on the board of the Harvard Health Law Society.