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The Supreme Court is about to hear an anti-choice challenge to a California law regulating sham “crisis pregnancy centers,” clinics that pose as women’s health centers to prevent people from seeking abortions. But maybe anti-choice challengers should be careful what they wish for: if they win, the decision could prompt challenges to abortion laws around the country to laws that restrict abortion access and force abortion provider to mislead their patients.

In Florida, the end of your incarceration can be the beginning of a life-long sentence. That’s because Florida is one of four states that does not automatically restore civil rights (most prominently, voting rights) to people who were convicted of felonies but have fulfilled every

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While it is difficult to get accurate statistics regarding transgender individuals – including the percentage of Americans who identify as such – it is well-documented that transgender people face higher than average rates of poverty, discrimination, and suicide. The 2016 U.S. Transgender Survey, the largest

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