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Baltimore after Freddie Gray

For the city of Baltimore, it’s been three long years since Freddie Gray’s death while in police custody was declared a homicide by Baltimore’s state attorney, Marilyn Mosby. After an internal investigation that included reviewing of police tape, the autopsy report,...

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Challenging Immigration Law’s Conviction Definition

Guest post by Phillip L. Torrey. *Phillip Torrey is the Managing Attorney of the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program, a Lecturer on Law, and the Supervising Attorney for the Harvard Immigration Project. At HLS, he supervises the Crimmigration Clinic and...

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Delighted that @HarvardCRCL has agreed to publish the proceedings of my panel at @npoc19 with @ProfKNJohnson and others. I'll be talking #studentloans and #bankruptcy.

Congrats to the Patricia Roberts Harris Memorial team after the second and final Ames Semi-Final competition this evening. Thanks @erinefwlr and @norahrast for your wonderful coverage!

Check out this week’s @HarvardCRCL bonus podcast episode about how graduate student-workers unions can make academia more equitable — featuring @hgsuuaw members @Rachel_JSA and @nihasingh06!

@Rachel_JSA and I talk about union contracts and civil rights on the @HarvardCRCL podcast and I wish I were a labor lawyer so I could drop knowledge like Rachel does here. Take a listen! Thanks to @emilythemorrow for making it all happen.

Check out @Rachel_JSA and Niharika Singh of the @hgsuuaw on the @HarvardCRCL Taking Liberties podcast discussing the #NoCarveOut campaign to ensure protections against discrimination are included in the grievance procedure. See you at the Time's Up Rally!

Emily Morrow talks to @Rachel_JSA & @nihasingh06 of the @hgsuuaw about all things union. Harvard is a massive employer trying to evade its obligation to protect its workers civil rights — that’s why students are calling for #NoCarveOut and a #contractNOW.

Ames Semi-Finals live blog is happening now!

Follow along as we give you the highlights of the first night of the @Harvard_Law moot court semi-finals.

#Texas lawmakers trying to sidestep national marriage equality ruling from SCOTUS! Sign to stop #LGBT discrimination

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