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Ahmad Bright was sixteen years old when he was involved in the shooting death of 19-year-old Corey Davis in 2006.[1] In one sense, Ahmad was the last person you would

President Trump likes to talk. Between his early morning tweets and his stream-of-consciousness press conferences, he might be the most vocal president in modern history. His words, it turns out,

Welcome to CR-CL's Ames Live Blog! Tune in below starting tonight, March 22 at 6:15 PM EST. The case summary below is courtesy of the BSA. Teams' briefs and more information are available here. Case Summary: For

Welcome to CR-CL's Ames Live Blog! "The Ames Competition is one of the most prestigious competitions for appellate brief writing and advocacy in the country. The students participating in the Semi-Final

While the “Trump Bump”—the notable growth of the stock market since the election—has impacted numerous sectors of the economy, one industry stands out as enjoying some of the most shocking gains:

INTRODUCTION In its efforts to combat crime committed by street gangs—a societal ill that unquestionably warrants tough measures—California has pursued a range of aggressive tactics. It is axiomatic, however, that the

The recent Supreme Court case, Moore v. Texas, illustrates how constitutional rights may be influenced by scientific and technological advancements. Other legal areas, such as the use of polygraphs, capital

While it is difficult to get accurate statistics regarding transgender individuals – including the percentage of Americans who identify as such – it is well-documented that transgender people face higher

As my classmates and I learned it, the civil rights movement belonged to a bygone era. Yet, this is clearly not the case. Civil rights are very much a live